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Quick Links: Apr. 8

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Hello all, here are some interesting/relevant developments of the past few days:

  • The University of California at Berkeley¬† will retain its baseball program. That is great news for a college baseball. If a major program in the Pac-10 (er, Pac-12) is in danger, then the whole sport may be.
  • The NFL and NFLPA spoke this morning in an effort to resume mediation. However, each party wants to do it on their own terms. Not a big surprise there.
  • The Barry Bonds perjury trial is set to go to the jury. The national media seems reluctant to cover this trial as well … Roger Clemens also has a perjury trial upcoming this summer
  • The LA Times has an update on the McCourt divorce, stating that the key to a settlement might be the Dodgers signing of a new television contract with Fox for its television rights. Bud Selig, as commissioner, has the ability to reject the deal. Would he intervene, basically injecting himself into the divorce? If he does, could McCourt sue?

We will have more links coming in the next few days. Until then…

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